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Transform Your Sound

Transform Your Sound

What You Can Learn


  • Music Production: Learn to produce ambient, electronic, pop or acoustic styles of music.

  • Custom BeatMaking: Create interesting rhythms and beats using samples, loops, and random recorded sounds. 

  • Vocal Processing: effect chains, tuning, eq & compression.

  • Song Arrangement: how to tell a story with the parts and transitions in your track.

  • Mixing & Mastering: Learn how to tonally balance drums, synths, pads, vocals and sound effects to get a wide, rich and punchy mix.

  • EQ and Compression: The foundations of shaping sounds to a professional taste

  • Workflow Hacks::Learn to maximize your creative output and joy with  keyboard shortcuts and

  • Technical Knowledge - Bitrate, Bit Depth, File Formats, Metering, Mastering, Loudness Normalization & more.


Choose From 3 Formats:

  1. Send your project over as an .als or alp. and I will work on your track while teaching you. At the end, I will send you the updated .als back with improvements from the lesson.

  2. Choose an ENTHEO track to explore with me, and I will teach you how to recreate anything you hear from it.

  3. Start a new Ableton project to learn how to start a track from scratch, navigate Ableton with more precision, producer's music theory, or anything else you want to learn.

Book a FREE CALL below to explore how I can support you in bringing your musical dreams to life!

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