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Theo Grace


Entheo means 'Spirit Within,' and Theo is here to create music that expresses the experience of awakening, healing and integration.

Entheo spans several genres, and creates music dedicated to the culture of awakening, transformation, and personal growth. His work includes ambient, acoustic, pop, and dance music, often resonating with those who identify as spiritual, but not necessarily religious. Over the past decade, Theo has independently produced and released more than ten albums and dozens of remixes, singles and collaborations with clients. Entheo's vision is to inspire millions of listeners worldwide to live full lives of creative service, to live from their soul essence and truly embody what it means to be sovereign creative agents of freedom, in service to Divine Love.

The artist's purpose in our culture is to creatively reflect back the nuance of our human experience so we can feel, understand and accept the deeper meaning of being alive, in a new way, through a new lens. And hopefully, we come to better know our place in this great mystical puzzle where the edges continually transform into new horizons.

Entheo's message is one of empowerment, worth and possibility. Drawing from indigenous wisdom, ancient philosophy and his own experiences with plant spirit ceremonies, meditation and personal transformation, Theo's songs are devotional in their essence, but modern in their sound.

Theo will continue pushing the boundaries of his creativity and expressing his transformational process through  music and collaboration.

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